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Portrait of multi-ethnic group of students in college library featuring boy in wheelchair

Our mission is to provide equitable transportation, empower families, and create a safe and supportive environment for the most vulnerable students in our communities



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Our Services

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Special needs Students Transportation 

Our team at Furrera is dedicated to offering specialized wheelchair-accessible transportation for special needs students. We prioritize safety, comfort, and accessibility, ensuring each service is customized to meet their unique needs. It's our commitment to make every journey pleasant and worry-free.

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Mckinney-Vento, and Foster Youth

Every student deserves access to education. At Furrera, we're committed to ensuring that all McKinney-Vento students receive reliable transportation, whether they're within your district or beyond its borders. Our services are designed to support their educational journey, ensuring they arrive safely and on time, every day. 

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Out of District Transportation 

At Furrera, we provide a nurturing and adaptable environment for students with unique needs who attend specialized schools outside their home district. Our focus is on creating a supportive travel experience that catifies to each student’s individual requirements, ensuring they feel comfortable and secure on their journey to and from school.

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